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Anything    new?

any update?

Still going strong! It's going to be a while for the next playable update, but it will be a big one one that's for sure.

Whaaaaat about nowwwwwwwwwww?:D

I am glad you're going to add to it

Give us powers lol

no point based crap either, just powers we can use indefinitely such as

1 cause a disaster(s) - EarthQuakes (also cause Tsnuamis depending where the EQ is.

2. Place volcanoes wherever you please

3. chance of intelligent life to form? like see little blobs make towns/villages which could represent as different colored squares/circles

4. Stats -atmospherical composition, population if there is any life, age of planet, percentage of water and land. Once planet dies / disappears - time lapse footage at the end, ability to save the footage? idk?

I am not too sure how you could code this, itll also be cool if we can edit the world our self once, then watch it evolve/change over time once initiate simulation, its pretty neat

:D keep it up

it would be like sim earth but so much better, i can see this being a lot better than just a screensaver, whilst you can use it like that , think it has the potential to simulate climate and weather - also land should move/continental drift from geological activity, if there is any

Thanks for all the ideas! Your ideas are actually pretty close to what I already wanted to do so I'm happy that I'm not the only one who saw the potentail. I'm working on the greater universe right now (galaxies, solar systems) and moving to smaller details and more game play soon after.

ill be looking forward to it :D

This seems like a cool idea dude, volcanoes .-. ooo noice


Looks like a planet generator, would be cool as screen saver where it would just change.